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We have the rescue cats and kittens you have seen in the paper! Please call to schedule a visit!

We will be posting pictures soon.




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Welcome to the Cat Hospital of Vero Beach, Vero’s only full service feline exclusive veterinary facility. Our mission is to provide the highest quality medical and surgical services in an environment specially tailored for your cat’s unique needs. We offer state of the art Laser Surgery to help ensure our patient's safety and minimize pain and surgical recovery time. At the Cat Hospital of Vero Beach we understand cats and have designed the practice to maximize their comfort and decrease the stresses often associated with veterinary offices. There are no dogs allowed, so noisy barks are no longer an issue. We have a live aviary and aquariums for the cats' viewing pleasure, thus exams are entertaining and relaxing for our feline friends.

We offer several boarding options, including condo style cages, spacious 7 feet tall, multi-level Townhouses with private bathroom facilities, and 3 Themed boarding rooms / suites with web based Kitty cams so you can view your cat via the Internet during his/her stay.

The Cat Hospital of Vero Beach is owned and operated by Dr. Suzanne Gambella, a 1997 University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine graduate and former owner of Nine Lives Cat Hospital in Sunrise, Florida. Dr. Gambella has spent the majority of her career practicing exclusively on cats and is very sensitive to their unique health requirements.

Thank you for visiting the Cat Hospital of Vero Beach and we look forward to meeting you and your feline friends soon.


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Dr. Suzanne Gambella


Horatio (Another Life Saved)!

A Poem....

When I am an old cat

When I am an old cat I shall wear a diamond collar and leave my footprints on white couches. I shall drink my cream with a touch of brandy and spit out my vitamins. I shall sit on the laps of dog people just to irritate them; I shall nap on the top of the neighbors petunias and perch on top of birdbaths and grow charmingly chubby.

But for now I must tolerate the dog and use my litter box and not sharpen my claws on the sofa, so no one can doubt the truth that cats are superior to dogs.

But every once in a while I wonder if I should be naughty every now and then and nip a few toes, so my humans won't be too shocked when suddenly I become an old cat and start to wear a diamond collar.


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