Helpful Links and Resources for Cat Owners

We understand the challenge of finding accurate information online. There are countless websites making it difficult to know which ones you can trust, so we want to share with you list of credible websites that we recommend.


Feline Health and Behavior

Winn Feline Foundation

International Cat Care

Dr. Arnold Plotnick of Manhattan Cat Specialist

Pam Johnson-Bennett, Cat Behaviorist

Cornell University


General Cat Care

The Cat Community

Have We Seen Your Cat Lately

Pet Poison Helpline

ASPCA- Cat Care


Indoor Pet Initiative


Food and Nutrition

Royal Canin Feline Nutrition

Hill's Pet Nutrition

Purina Veterinary Diets

Food Puzzles for Cats


Feline Diabetes

Pet Diabetes Month

Prozinc Insulin


Pet Loss and Grief

Cornell Unv. Pet Loss Support Line

Univ. of Florida Pet Loss Support



Radioiodine Treatment


Health Certificate/ Travel Information


Checklist for Optaining an International Certificate


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