Owner Dr. Suzanne Gambella

Dr. Suzanne Gambella is the owner and operator of the Cat Hospital of Vero Beach. She is a 1997 University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine graduate and former owner of Nine Lives Cat Hospital in Sunrise, Florida. She moved to Vero Beach and opened the Cat Hospital of Vero Beach in 2008. Dr. Gambella has spent the majority of her career practicing exclusively on cats and is very sensitive to their unique health requirments. She has two teenage children and a loving husband, Micheal, who is also our practice manager. She lives on a ten acre farm with lots of creatures big and small, including 3 horses, 2 minature horses, a minature Zebu cow, a herd of fainting goats, 7 minature donkeys, over 50 chickens, and lots of barn cats. She also has a Sulcato tortoise named Zoomie. Inside Dr. G has four house cats: Tama, Herbie, Skippy, and Toby. Dr. Gambella welcomes you to our website and invites you to stop by and meet our staff!

                                                                                 Dr. Haley Johnson

Jami, Lead Veterinary Technician

Jami has been working at the Cat Hospital of Vero Beach for over 9 years.  She has always been obsessed with cats and truly loves them all! She feels this is the purrfect job for her, because she gets to work with cats everyday.  She strives to not only help cats feel better but to make their trip to the vet as pleasant and stress free as possible. One of her favorite parts of her job is being able to interact and help all of our clients. She also loves our caring for our boarders. She looks forward to seeing each and every boarder, and she makes sure to give them lots of love and attention everyday. She never leaves without saying bye to every kitty.  Jami has multiple degrees including an AS, an AA, and she graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with her Bachelor of Arts in 2013. She is currently working on her ISFM Advanced Feline Behavioral Certification. She is the current manager of the Cat Hospital’s Facebook page and enjoys posting special stories about our client’s cats as well as interesting informational posts.  Jami’s significant other is her high school sweetheart, Adam, and they have been together exclusively for 20 years, and they just had a baby boy, K.C., in July. They have 4 cats: Lou, Zeus, Charlie Waffles, and Reggie. 

Frances, Receptionist & Veterinary Technician

Frances has been with the Cat Hospital of Vero Beach for 6 years.  Frances currently works as our lead receptionist. She is also one of our Veterinary Technicians. Frances enjoys being able to help our clients and their cats. She has gotten to know our clients very well, and they know she is always there to help. Prior to her career in the Veterinary industry, Frances served in the US Navy for three years.  Frances has 5 cats at home (Sam, Missy, Mela, Boo, and Kit), 1 dog (Dakota), and 1 ferret, 2 hamsters, and 2 guinea pigs. She is happily married to her husband, Mike, and she has 5 children (1 boy and 4 girls)!!! In her spare time (ha ha) she enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

                                                                             Elaine, Receptionist

Elaine has been a receptionist at the Cat Hospital of Vero Beach for 3 years. She is the happy voice you hear whenever you call. She loves her job, because not only does she get to help our clients, but she also gets to help all of the kitties. Elaine also enjoys photography, and she does a great job of taking photos of all the kitties (which isn't an easy task). She helps Jami by taking photos of the boarders and the staff, which she uses for our Facebook page and website. Elaine has two children which she absolutely adores. Her daughter just graduated from High School, and her son is now a proud soldier in the US Navy. Her baby is her handsome kitty Al Cappaccino. Al Cappaccino is a rescue cat from Raining Cats Rescue, and Elaine fell in love the moment she saw him. He is a sweet boy who always greets her with kisses and purrs.

                                                                       Irelynd, Technician Assistant

Irelynd has been working at the Cat Hospital of Vero Beach for over one year. She has been a client with her family for ten years. She always enjoyed coming to the Cat Hospital, so she was excited, as were we, when she started working here. She is a proud owner of four Raining Cats Rescue kitties that she adopted: Ringo, Nora, Patches, and Merlin. She also has a cute little hedgehog named Coco. She is currently attending IRSC and is planning on going to vet school. She has a love for all animals big and small, and is interested on working on large animals as well. She loves the experience she is gaining by working here, but one of her main reasons for wanting to work here was Pixie. Her favorite part of her job is working with all the cats and taking care of the boarders. She helps make sure that all the boarders are happy while staying with us.

                                                                    Laura, Technician Assisstant


Laura is our newest employee at the Cat Hospital of Vero Beach. She is really enjoying working with all the amazing felines. She is currently attending IRSC, and is planning on continuing her education to be a veterinarian. She has a passion for working with animals. She is looking forward to the experiences that she gains while working with us, and she hopes to gain a better understanding of cats and their behavior. While looking for the perfect cat, Laura, hopes to form a bond with all the cats that come in for boarding and treatment. She currently has an adorable dog, Bonni, and two guinea pigs, Arrow and Baltic. She loves all animals and wants to help as many as she can. She is doing a great job, and we are happy to have her as part of our Cat Hospital family.

                                                                                        Nacho, Greeter 

Nacho, aka Nacho Cheese, has been the offical greeter for over 2 years. He was a rescue cat that made his way to our hospital. He suffers from stress pooping (he poops on things he isn't supposed to), so he lives his stressfree life here with us. He loves to sleep on the couch, hang in his purple condo, watch the birds, and and get lots of loves and pets. He also really loves warm towels and Temptaions. He is a good boy with a kind heart, and we love having him as part of our Cat Hospital family.

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