Boarding Rates

Townhouse (1-3 cats) 1st cat - please call

            Each Additional Cat- please call


Resort Room (1-5 Cats)- please call

            Each Additional Cat- please call


Boarding Discount- Every 7th night FREE!!




Boarding Policies

Physical Examination Requirements:

Cats must have had an examination with one of our doctors prior to boarding. Cats are required to have an examination annually. If your cat is due for their annual exam during their boarding stay it will be completed at that time. Cats over the age of 15 are required to have an examiniation bi-annually. Cats with known medical issues may be subject to an additional examiniation while boarding.

Vaccination Requirments

Boarding cats must be up-to-date on both Rabies and FVRCP (upper respiratory/distemper) vaccine. If done at another facility must provide proof at drop-off. 



If your cat requires medications we will gladly administer them while boarding. Medications need to be in their original containers. Cats on medications not dispensed by the Cat Hospital of Vero Beach may require an examination prior to boarding. There is a fee for us to administer medication. The fee varies depending on how many medications and the frequency administered. Please contact us for pricing.


Diabetic Cats

Our staff is trained to care for diabetic cats and to give insulin injections. Owners are required to supply insulin and syringes. Owners must supply in writing how much insulin they are giving, what times they give injections, time of last injection, and feeding instructions. There is a daily diabetic care charge. Our staff may take your cat's blood glucose at any time. There may be an additional charge if multiple glucose checks are required. All diabetic cats are subject to an exam by one of our doctors.


Personal Belongings

Personal belongings can be left for your cat while they board in our hospital. All belongings, including their carrier, must be clearly labeled with your cat's name and your last name (we understand that some small toys may not me large enough to label). While we understand your desire to provide your cat with various items from home, please be aware that these items can occasionally get lost, especially if laundry is required. We cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items. We will do our best to return all items to you. We reccommend leaving items of high sentimental or monetary value at home.




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