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Welcome to our..... Client Corner Pics!

I love it when my master goes away---

That means I get to stay at The Cat Hospial where they really pamper me.

Miss Bootsie

Some of Tish's furry loved ones...

Hi Dr. Gambella and my friends at CHVB,
Have you seen the commercials for Charles Schwab? Basically, their slogan is "talk to Chuck." And, that's exactly what Benji likes to do after he studies his statement.
Our Charles Schwab office has this in their office.


Cocoa and Dakota (german shepherd puppy) are best friends. If he goes to daycare she is the first one to greet him when he comes home. We had a training leash on him that she thought was just for her to lead him around the house.


We offer comprehensive and personalized kitten packages adjusted to lifestyle and age. Please call for an estimate! Kitten exams are discounted 40% off a regular examination!

The "purrfect" care your cat deserves!!

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